Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Which World Views Influence Matt The Most

Throughout the book Matt developed a lot and learned new perspectives of how to view and compare himself with others. World views are perspectives on how we as humans view and connect the world's actions and events with our own perspectives and everything around us. The actions and thoughts of Matt have been heavily dictated due to the different perspectives of worldview he encounters allowing us as readers to follow the process with him as a clone. Over all, many worldview have affected him but I believe the two most essential world view elements that affect Matt are sources of ethical wisdom and equality with others.

Matt’s source of ethical wisdom has been altered a lot and can become very unpredictable. Through the book Matt has encountered many characters that have altered this the most. Both Tam Lin and El Patron have been the power house of Matt’s source of ethical wisdom throughout the book and have played many roles in the way Matt displays his actions. For example on page 99-111 Matt was at El Patron's party and felt like he had lots of power and even asked Maria to kiss him on the cheek. Through this process El Patron was very excited and was encouraging Matt to make the wrong choices like when he gleefully said ”That’s the stuff” to motivate Matt. By the end, Matt regretted his decisions due one of the statements he reflected on that Tam Lin had said. He grew large and green until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted (page109). To me I feel that it is almost like a fight or tug of rope match between El Patron and Tam Lin over Matt’s future development.

As I was reading through the book, I was so surprised to see how in that setting clones were so unequal compared to others bringing us to our next world view element. Matt's adventure within the book lead us to many characters who believed Matt was a disgusting creature. Even the church believes clones are unwanted pest like organisms. This was proven when Maria said “I know thats a sin and I'll probably go to hell for it” after admitting she loves him. (page 222) This forced me to question if that society was so against clones, then why would people like Celia and Tam Lin admire Matt? What lead them to think clones are just as human as them? 

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Vincent VS. Matt

Gattaca and The House of the Scorpion are both two very similar stories in that both of them have to do with genetic engineering in the future. In these stories inequality had a major meaning and dictated the entire plot of each book. Matt, in The House of the Scorpion, and Vincent, in Gattaca, were inferior compared to the rest of society. Both had very restricted abilities due to their ranking in society yet they each had an extremely different personality. How do their separate personalities, differences and similarities contribute to their progression?

Vincent, in Gattaca, would always strive to gain meaning and make decisions that will eventually lead him to his final goal, to travel to other planets. He is also extremely stubborn when it comes to his mind set on how he will accomplish his tasks and goals. Vincent always tries his best and focuses all his energy into his goal, even to the point of breaking his legs to make him taller. No matter the state Vincent is in, he will persist through any obstacle to finally experience the end of his goal. Matt on the other hand is more clueless throughout the book and struggles to understand why he is less important than everyone else. Matt is far less stubborn and kind of just goes-with-the-flow, accepting the fact that he is inferior in society. Matt learns a lot throughout his experiences and always inquires when he's introduced to something new. This helps Matt understand his meaning in life and works around obstacles that appear both in friendships and his place in society. Matt also heavily relies on others like Tam Lin to push his life in the right direction.
Visualizing their similarities, both Matt and Vincent had started life as inferior but accomplished multiple goals they had. Even though both Matt and Vincent were seen as very small figures in society they were able to reach farther and deeper than many other superior and perfect humans.

Due to their intelligence and persistence, they were able to pass obstacles and find a way to their goals due to their unique abilities and multiple peers that supported them in times of need. These secondary characters that supported both Matt and Vincent were essential to the development and/or the characters’ ability to reach beyond his limits and accomplish goals that would have been nearly impossible. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Time To Beef Up Our Borders

Border patrol in The House Of The Scorpion takes a big toll in chapter 14 and 25. Through these times either Matt or Celia put their lives on the line when trying to cross a border. The border patrol and perspectives within The House Of The Scorpion are far different from those we have today. When comparing the two, in the time that The House Of The Scorpion takes place, there is very little support for those who cross their borders and they try to enslave any who do. Due to the little knowledge that citizens have about each others countries, people believe that other countries may offer things their home doesn’t causing them to travel across their border and hope for a better life.

Coming back to reality, everyone is aware that Donald Trump was just elected and since then, immigrants have been flooding illegally into Canada. The Canadian government has communicated their intent to increase security to stop the illegal immigrants from flowing into Canada. With awareness of the potential for increased security, more and more people have been emigrating every day. These people are clearly looking for a new start yet don't understand the threats that these acts pose on our country. The more of these immigrants that travel to this country, the greater the chances that terrorists or crime committers will illegally travel and access our country and threaten the innocent citizens living here.

These two events in the book and reality actually have a great tie to each other. Opium and Aztlan have a lot of border security patrollers to ensure anyone who is encountered will be captured and turned into an eejit. In our current society, we see things differently since instead of enslaving any one encountered, we deport them back to their home country and eliminate their ability of coming back for a while. In our current world, the border patrol are very organized, ethically structured and are encouraged or forced to do the right thing at all times. In The House Of The Scorpion on the other hand, El Patron tried to hire men who were wanted from other countries so he knew there was less of a chance they would return to the united states or Aztlan but they did end up fleeing giving him the idea to turn them into eejits. The farm patrol were also very unorganized and just had only one purpose, to stun or even sometimes kill any who flee across the border. This idea is heavily frowned upon in our current society as we believe every person should get the same opportunities in life which is completely countered by turning people into eejits. 

Coyotes are people who “smuggle” illegal immigrants into other countries and receive money from those who they help. Within The House Of The Scorpion, Celia used a coyote to illegally emigrate to opium with the hope of getting to the U.S. Through her travels she was abandoned by the coyote and left to die. This is much like the real world since people from all over are stuck in a country where escape is the only chance and find coyotes to take them illegally to their desired country. What drives people to coyotes is the persons’ view of the good life and wish to have access to a healthier and more profitable life.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

What Is Educations And How Can Someone Learn About Their worlds?

Children all over the world attend school just like me. Children have many different mind sets and develop depending on how they view their environment. Some children embrace learning where as some perceive they only have to learn the basics and move on. But it is these two different types of learning that dictate how the child will develop and their perspective on how to consume knowledge. Kids that have high inquiry levels are extremely motivated and excel at learning. It is inquiry that drives children to understand and illuminate the information that surrounds them. 

Not only is inquiry essential for the learning of the child but imagination can become very important as well. When studying The Little Prince we researched the effects that creativity had on the learning of children. Through this project we learned how inquiry, motivation and creativity all had an impact on learning and how if children, at a young age, can relate their creativity to learning they will likely invent and create new ideas and tools that will become essential for the future.

Through the book, Matt has learned lots and obtained knowledge from far beyond his grade level. Starting from when he was being taught by the eejit, Matt was extremely bored and was starving to have the teacher conduct a lesson on a new topic. This is shown on page 73 when Matt snapped because he was so bored and said ”I’m not a good boy” then said ”I’m a bad clone”. This shows Matt's desire for inquiry and wants to learn new things. Even though there is very little evidence within the book that suggests the fact that Matt has a lot of creativity, the fact that Matt is a talented musician when it comes to piano gives a hint that he may have a wide amount of creativity. The reason I believe this is because musicians need creativity to write and play songs, and to engage their audience. Not only does his musical talent show his creativity but using his learning that he obtained through his field trips to problem solve proves this creativity as well. For example, on his field trips withTam Lin he was able to take knowledge from a tour to the opium manufacturing area and discovered how he might be able to use that to create a plan that will allow him to settle the fact that he is a clone with Maria.

Overall Mat became a very educated fellow who desired the world around him and always wanted to learn more. This shows how beneficial and essential it is to undertake and experience new learning opportunities in a way that motivates you to get the most benefit from your learning.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My Thoughts So Far

Throughout the last 50 pages of the book (ruffly 100-150), there has been many new points that I question and believe will have a great meaning in the future. As soon as Matt met El Patron I knew these two characters would bond throughout the book and become of figure of great importance. Till now I still have absolutely no clue what El Patron is going to use matt for. 

During chapter 7-8, many more questions and thoughts sparked into my mind when the idea of ejects developed throughout the book. On page 76-79 When Tam Lin brought Matt to the oasis, they discussed a lot that had to do with eejits and their roles as altered people. This idea of people with chips in their head introduces fear more potential throughout the book and more questions that force you to inquire. Not only did we learn about eejits when they were at the oasis but that was a time where Tam Lin and Matt bonded. Throughout this time i was surprised to see that Tam Lin said “If you were a real boy I would tell you to ask your brother that tricky little question”. The fact that Tam Lin said “If you were a real boy” really disappointed me as now I believe even Tam Lin believes that clones are unequal to humans.

Now that we've discussed the oasis, chapter 9 brings in a whole new adventure. Throughout the time Matt used to listen to Felicia, he hid so no one could find. He believed that if someone did find him, he would be punished. On page 87 Matt was interested in the piano so approached it but hid within the closet to find Felicia consuming her daily dose of music. During the time Matt was hiding, he found a secret passage leading to known sources or objects. I do believe this passage will show up again as an important area in the future.

Matts Time During Prison

During the time Matt experienced in prison he became very isolated and developed a habit not to talk. This was a very important authors voice that changed the flow through the future of the book. As a result in his time in prison, Matt turned into a very independent child and had very hard times interacting with other people and was un able to recover until a few months had passed as his time in prison stretched for more than six months.

Friday, 10 February 2017

The House Of The Scorpion

Just today, I was notified on a new novel study that we will be conducting as a grade. This novel study book is known as The House Of The Scorpion. This new novel study is extremely exciting since I have not done a novel study here at school since grade 6. House of the scorpion seems like it is going to be a very engaging book due to the amount of awards it has won and the way my teacher describes it. During the time that we had to learn about the way we will be reading this book, I have learned that it is a fiction and involves a very unique topic. Even though it seems like a great book, there is a lot that must be done to satisfy the needs of this assignment which in some cases can become a bit overwhelming. This will also mean my blog from now till March 20th will be only reflecting and talking about this new novel and my opinions on it so make sure you stay updated.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Why this society should Not Limit Imagination

New Final draft

Imagination is what compels a child to learn. It’s what allows them to move forward and what gives them the passion to complete and improve their ideas and ability to take knowledge to the next level. Curiosity is also a major factor to the growth of learning and creativity. Without this creativity, curiosity will be limited due to lack of wanting to explore further and outside of reality. Things beyond reality is what sparks the curiosity within people. Without this curiosity, children won’t be able to develop into a person who strives to learn and continues to take in information to endlessly enhance their knowledge.

WIthout the imagination within children,  they won’t be able to continue and progress throughout life all because of the absence of motivation. Without motivation children won’t feel any passion or interest in any of their learning meaning they won’t find the benefit in it and will only experience boredom throughout life.

When a child is imagining things, they are thinking about reality in ADDITION to other non realistic objects and things. it is called thinking beyond reality. WIthout the creative thoughts, children won’t have the creative mind set to come up with ideas and creative solutions when introduced to a real life problem. Like in the movie, the girl was able to pass problems and obstacles to help herself and the little prince. Plus, when a child is daydreaming or inside of their own world they are increasing their cognitive abilities and keeping their brain in an active state.

The whimsical thoughts of a child are what gives them the ability to think outside of the box and inquire to learn further. These thoughts give children curiosity allowing them to penetrate and really dig into their thoughts and learning. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison all had a mental illness known as dyslexia. Dyslexia can cause a person to become more imaginative but have a couple of learning disabilities. These  people have achieved lots because of their curiosity and persistence to discover and create as well as making a large advancement in our society.

I am not saying that if your child is not imaginative, they won’t help society.

Creativity is a very positive feature within a child but there can be consequences when your child becomes almost too creative. If a child becomes extremely creative, their learning focus may change and they will develop to have very little knowledge of other learning topics. Even though this can also be considered a large strength. When a child has a very large imagination, they may start to become very distracted in class and in many cases will tend to talk to their peers when in a lesson causing a small obstacle in learning. But even though a heavily creative child may have many weaknesses, they also have many strengths that top those of less creative people. What I am trying to say is to not limit your child's creativity and imagination because if some children are naturally whimsy and others are not the society will be more diverse and everyone can rely on each others strengths to grow as a unit.